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Porto de Galinhas


Porto de Galinhas is a spectacular beach destination 63km south of Recife. It is also surrounded by other equally spectacular beaches that can be reached by foot, car or buggy taxi.

A few years ago it was a small village servicing people staying at holiday homes, pousadas or small resorts. It has grown fast to support the growth of large resorts and an increasing number of other types of accommodations.

Its infrastructure has improved, but it has lost a lot of its charm in the process. It has also attracted some ruthless businesses that are out to exploit tourists. Worst are the beach operators who try many scams. For these reasons, we would only recommend Porto de Galinhas as a base from which to see and explore the many destinations away from the hustle and bustle, destinations that usually have a lot less to offer in terms of accommodation.

Some places definitely worth a visit are within walking distance of the center of Porto, or a short trip by buggy taxi. They include Muro Alto, Maracaipe and Serrambi. A little further away are yet more great beaches such as Calhetas, Tamandaré, Carneiros. Click the following link for a listing of all the beaches.


Recife Guide has details of accomodations in Porto de Galinhas. They include: Economy Accommodations, Moderate Accommodations and Luxury Accommodations.


There are many tour options from Porto de Galinhas to other beaches, to Recife, Olinda or rural, cultural and artistic attractions. For details see Tours

Eating & Drinking

For information about retauraunts, cafes and bars in Porto de Galinhas see our Eating & Drinking guide   


follow the link for information about Nightlife in Porto de Galinhas

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