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End of Carnival 2010

February 17, 2010

With the end of Carnival 2010, and new year in Brazil finally starts for many. From Christmas to New Year is a quiet time for business and trade here, being the middle of summer and the time many Brazilians take their annual holiday. For the tourism industry however, November to the end of March represents the busiest period, so still some time for travellers wishing to soak up the scorching rays of the Brazilian summer.

Of course Winter in Brazil (June-Sept), is Summer in Europe and USA, but tourists from these regions should not be put off visiting Brazil. They call it winter here, but north and northeast Brazil really has 12months of summer by European standards, and actually the temperatures in the ´winter´ are a much more comfortable 24-30C for those wishing to explore. The oceans of the northeast are also always tropically warm.

If you missed carnival and want to come to Brazil to party, there is always the Sao Joao festival in June. It is a kind of Harvest Festival or Thanks Giving religious celebration, and the second biggest party of the year with plenty of costumes and lots of music. Head to one of the cities that host the big parties to celebrate this in style.

Of course for many a trip to Brazil is not about carnival and parties. There is far more to do and see, such as explore the countries rich colonial heritage. You can get inspiration in this guide, or take a look at, our main site, for guides to other parts of Brazil including Rio, Florianopolis, Salvador and more.

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