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Fernando de Noronha Walking Tours

November 22, 2009

The following is a selection of Walking Tours available on Fernando de Noronha:

Dolphin Bay Trail*

The trail offers a famous vantage point to see Dolphin Bay (Baía dos Golfinhos) , where dolphins come to breed and rear their young, or simply to rest after feeding. The 2.2km long trail through the interesting flora and fauna of Fernando de Noronha offers some beautiful views including those of other bays including Sancho and Porcos Bays. At dawn (6am) it is possible to observe the dolphins entering the bay. Duration 2 1/2 hours Details & Reservations

Pontinha/Pedra Alta Trail*

Beginning at Caieira Beach, the trail passes through three natural pools including Atalaia. It is 4.2km long (with approximately 1km on loose stones). The trail offers the only access by land to some parts of the island, and has a wonderful panoramic views of the ocean. A local guide accredited by the Brazilian agency for the preservation of the environment (IBAMA) accompanies all who use this trail which is best to do at low tide. Duration 3.5 hours Details & Reservations

Costa Azul Trail*

Vila dos Remédios is the start point of this trail which explores the historical parts of the island and ends at Conceição Beach. During 2.3km walk visitors will be introduced to Cachorro and Meio beaches, which offer easier access. Depending on sea conditions you will also be able to snorkel observe marine life and fauna. Duration 3 hours. Details & Reservations

Farol Trail

This 2.5km long trail begins and ends at Golfinhos Bay passing spectacular viewpoints where the beautiful landscape of Fernando de Noronha can really be appreciated. Duration 5 hours Details & Reservations

Capim Açú Trail

This trail, available August to February, starts at Lion Beach (Leão Beach), and passes by cliffs up to 50M in height. It offers impressive views of the blue waters of Noronha. During the visit ruins from the Second World War can be seen (the island was a base during the war), before returning to the starting point. The trail is considered and advanced trail by many people because of its length and the terrain. Duration 6 hours Details & Reservations

Costa Esmeralda Trail

Starting at Bode Beach, this trail goes through Quixaba and ends at Cacimba do Padre, one of Noronhas most famous beaches, scene of the surfing World Qualifying Series and, one of the most famous landscapes of the island the two rock formations the Two Brothers (Morro Dois Irmãos). Duration 3 hours Details & Reservations

Tartarugas Trail

Tartarugas Trail starts at Leão Beach, where the sea turtles lay their eggs, before heading to Ponta das Caracas and ending at Sueste. It is possible to make a dive or snorkel (no additional cost), to see the sea turtles. Duration 3 hours Details & Reservations

* Trail Package

The three trails marked * above can be combined as a 3day trail package. Assistance in English Currently unavailable

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