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Restauraunt Recommendations in Fernando de Noronha

November 19, 2009

As you would expect from an island with so much fishing, the most popular dish on a menu is seafood. There are a variety of fish based dishes from Sushi and Sashimi, grilled, baked etc, but the most famous here is the banana leaf wrapped fish dish. It goes without saying the fish is caught daily here. Other types of cuisine are also available on the island to suit all tastes.

Another dish, perhaps unique to the island, is the deep fried shark meat dumpling. This can be found anywhere on the island. Most cuisine here is typical of the rest of Permanbuco with lots of fish, crab, shrimp and molluscs available. The National dish of Brazil is Feijoada which is a stew made from black beans and cuts of meat such as pork knuckle, pigs ears and chops as well as pieces of beef. It is served with rice and vegetables with orange slices as a garnish. This would be available at most local street cafes, but not many restaurants. Those that do sell it usually only cook it on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can eat well here for around R$15-20 per person.

Popular choices for dining are the many restaurants that offer buffet food that you pay for by weight (comida por peso). Grab a plate, fill it with as much fish, meat, vegetables, pasta, salads and hot foods, take it to the checkout and you are charged for the contents by the kilo (minus the weight of the plate). Half a kilo is usually sufficient and the prices vary from R$20 -30 per kilo.

Our recommendations are as follows:

High Quality

Trattoria di Morena (Modern / International). Established in 1999, Trattoria di Morena has become a gastronomic reference on the island. Chef André Filho presents a selection of creative contemporary cuisine with a variety of ingredients from the region. On Fridays and Saturdays the restaurant has a Happy Hour with live music between 6.30-8.30pm. Rua Nice Cordeiro, 2600, Floresta Velha (81) 3619-1142. Daily 5pm-11.30pm

Restaurante do Zé Maria (Regional /Modern). Restaurante do Zé Maria blends the simplicity of local dishes with the sophistication of the best gastronomy in the major cities of Brazil. The ambience is created by a mix of rustic and hand crafted furniture within decoration that is inspired by the culture of Northeast Brazil. On Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8pm the Banquet style Festival Gastranomic is accompanies by by life music. Rua Nice Cordeiro, 01, Floresta Velha (81) 3619-1258. Daily 12noon-11.30pm  (Festival Gastronomic approx. R$110 per person + 10% service)

Restaurante Teju-Açu (Modern / Brazilian). Restaurante  Teju-Açu mixes brazilian and international flavors in modern ways. Local ingredients are prepared with imagination and style. The most popular dessert is a “Petite Gatteau filled with warm creamy cheese and topped with a light guava syrup.” The restaurant and bar are situated by the pool for a great ambience.  Estrada da Alamoa (81) 3619 1277. Daily

More options coming soon



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