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Luxury Accommodations in Fernando de Noronha

November 18, 2009

Because Fernando de Noronha is small, an eco reserve and idyllic, it is also exclusive and offers a limited choice of luxury accommodation, often frequented by a rich famous international clientel. The options include:

Pousada Maravilha

Pousada Maravilha,  Located close to Sueste Beach, offers spectacular views of the ocean. Professionally trained staff, with international experience, make this the perfect private hideaway. The pousada also operates according to strict policies designed to protect the environment. Details & Reservations

Pousada Solar de Loronha

Established in 2002, “the house of the noble”, attracts noble guests and treats then as such. The emphasis is on preservation of the environment, and the comfort of the guest. Details & Reservations

Pousada Teju-Açu

A beautiful pousada built to a strict eco-friendly architectural policy. It is built upon platforms to avoid the need to damage the soil, and the whole is primarily constructed of wood from sustainable sources. Details & Reservations

Pousada Solar dos Ventos

Solar dos Ventos was constructed close to one of the best areas to dive, an area with a high concentration of marine life. It is located just 300m from Baía do Sueste (Sueste Bay). Details & Reservations

Pousada Ze Maria

From a modest guest house Pousada Ze Maria has expanded to include six standard apartments, nine bungalows and three special bungalows. They are eco-friendly methods have earned this pousada a very good reputation. Details & Reservations

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