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Adventure & Activity Tours on Fernando de Noronha

October 22, 2009

Here is a summary of the Adventure & Activity tours on Fernando de Noronha:

Scuba Diving

For the Novice – The Baptism 

This is a great oppoerunity for the novice to get a first experience of diving. After your introductory dive class it is possible to take the “baptism” (baptismo), one of the most popular diving activities on the island! The class is given en-route to the dive spot. On arrival you will get time to adaptation at surface level. The dive preparation will be with a fully equipped and experienced instructor. First you will float  and learn how to breath with the oxygen tank supply. The instructor is with you throught the dive, approximately 30mins underwater at a maximum depth of 15meters. Duration 3 hours. Details & Reservations

For Registered Divers

Registered divers can take trips in the morning or afternoon. Certain rules and regulations must be followed within the area of the National Marine Park. Gloves and knives are forbidden, as well as touching and collecting anything during the dive.  All dives are guided by instructors or Dive Masters, one instructor per group of four divers. The dives always cover two different points.

The Brazilian authotity responsible for the preservation of the environment (IBAMA) only allows one boat at each diving point, and the points are defined just before boarding.  This means it is impossible to offer any particular dive point, but as there are so many high quality dive points this is never a problem on Fernando de Noronha. If  you buy a package of  two or more dives, each will be at different points. Duration 4 hours 30mins Details & Bookings.

Scuba Diving Course

The first practical class for most students is in a swimming pool, in Fernando de Noronha the first class is in the odean at Praia do Porto or Praia do Sueste, depending sea conditions. This increases the quality of training because from the beginning you experience the real diving situation and environment, with some waves, currents and fish, a lot of fish.

On the first day of practice you begin to handle and get used to all the diving equipment. Depending on your performance, the other three days will include two dives each day. In these six dives you will use the theoretical knowledge you learned in the real situations, and exercises will be  in deeper waters each time.

The best advantage of doing a basic diving course in Fernando de Noronha, is exactly being in Fernando de Noronha. Rich fauna and flora, comfortable temperature, incredible visibility and short navigation are the most important advantages. Duration 4 days, Details and reservations

Tow Diving

Tow diving was invented in Fernando de Noronha. It uses the same equipment as in free diving, just a mask, snorkel and fins.  Holding a small board, and towed by a small motorboat, you are able to experience the sensation of flying and also maneuver the board to turn, go up and down. It depends on your breath. A small theoretical class is given en-route to the start. This includes procedures and signs used to communicate with the motorboat. It is different from the snorkeling because you can cover a much larger area than if you were only swimming with fins. Duration 2 hours 30 minutes. Details & Reservations.


Fernando de Noronha is considered one of the five best diving points in the world. Besides the rich fauna and flora, other give rise to this status. Visibility, easily between 30 to 40 meters; pleasant water temperature, approx. 27ºC the whole year and calm water without waves most of the year. 

There are many perfect natural pools for this practice. Almost all the trails include diving in these swimming pools or even on the beaches. Beaches as Sancho, Baía dos Porcos, Sueste and Morro de Fora, between Conceição and Meio, and even Porto Beach, where there are two shipwrecks that hide many burrows of lobsters, guajás (Calappa ocellata) and an enormous amount of fish of different species. Local guides certified by the Brazilian authotity for the protection of the environment (IBAMA), can suggest to you all the best spots to mazimise your interest and experience.

Boat Tours

The boat tours leave Porto Santo Antonio each morning and afternoon. The trip take from three to three and a half hours, going from Porto Santo Antonio to the smaller islands (Rasa, Sela Ginete, Meio and Rata), before returning to the other end of the main island, Ponta da Sapata. Incredible landscapes  compete for attention with the spinning dolphins which often demonstrate their acrobatics close to the boats. The climax of this ride is when the boat passes close to Dolphin Bay (Golfinhos Bay), where they spend much of their time. On the way back there is a break for snorkelling at Praia do Sancho, considered the most beautiful beach in Brazil. Duration 3 hours. Details & Reservations

Water Tour Package (3 Days)

  • Day One: Boat Tour 
  • Day Two: Scuba Diving for the Novice (Baptismo)
  • Day Three: Tow Diving

See other listings for details of each activity. Duration 3 Days. Details & Reservations

Water Tour Package (4 Days)

As the 3 Day Package, plus 1 day Snorkelling. Duration 4 Days. Details & Reservations   


Within the Marine National Park of Fernando de Noronha fishing is not allowed. However, outside the park limits it is possible to land fish (only by rod and line). The fishing activities can be half-day or a whole day. The boats are all prepared for this activity with experienced crew. The most common fish on the island are barracuda, mackerel, tuna fish, crevalle jack and even the incredible marlin, which can be fished from August to October. Duration 3 hours 30mins (or longer). Details & Reservations

Horse Riding

There are some great options for horseriding on the island, especially the difficult to access trails, many of which offer the most spectacular scenery. Capim Açu trail, considered the most difficult, is the most beautiful trail. On foot it takes 5 to 6 hours to traverse on horseback it takes much less. Duration 3 hours. Details & Reservations

Walking Tours

See the seperate Walking Tours page.

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