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Tours From Recife

August 21, 2009
Beach hopping buggy tour

Beach hopping buggy tour

Recife Guide recommends a variety of tours. Each was carefully selected according to criteria with the interests of the responsible independent travelers in mind. They are designed to help you discover and enjoy the real Brazil and the authentic experiences it offers, not just the clichés. In many cases we helped create them. The tours offered range from half-day Walking Tours in Recife to themed itineraries for a complete holiday staying in several destinations.

You can just browse the tours for inspiration, or search the offerings by the following criteria:


Walking Tours recommend by us vary from gentle city strolls to discover the history, culture and character of the city to complete trekking holidays for the experienced walker.

Day Tours are guided tours designed to themes. They all include transport, meals and an itinerary of activities.

Short Adventures are 2-4 day guided tours designed to themes. They include transport, accommodation, meals and an itinerary of activities.


Adventure & Activity – From the more gentle adventures of a city ramble or horse riding, to diving or the more energetic such as mountain biking or surfing. Each with options from novice to expert, wherever possible.

Beach & Relaxation – Tours for those that just want to escape the pressures of life. These tours will feature remote and unspoiled beaches, spa resorts and a range of healthy to indulgent treats. Holidays focused on pampering, to renew the mind, body and spirit.

Eco – While all our tours aim to adopt the principles of responsible tourism, these holidays are designed for travellers who have a deep concern for the environment and local population, perhaps because of their appreciation of nature and wildlife.

Family Friendly – Travelers with families have special interests and needs that will be considered when designing these tours for fun for the entire family. Practical issues, such as childcare, health and safety and food will be part of the planning.

Festivals & Events – Some travelers like to visit for particular events such as Carnival. These tours will focus on the various events, regular and one-time, that will take place in the destinations we cover.

Gastronomic – Tours for travelers that want to tantalize their taste buds with new, unusual or exotic foods and great wines. This does not necessarily mean expensive, but of course it can be made indulgent too.

Hidden Treasure Tours for those that want to get off the beaten track and discover unusual, authentic and real experiences. These tours will be true discoveries that avoid the usual tourist traps.

History & Culture – Tours that allow you to discover the heritage of a destination and experience local culture. Perfect for travelers who like to wander the streets of historic cities, taste regional cuisine and experience local music and traditions.

Special Journeys – For travelers who like to get around and visit several destinations, we will recommend some special journeys that combine a mix of memorable experience. Variety will be the focus of these trips.

Nature & WildlifeTours that will allow you to get up close to nature and wildlife — on the ground, in the countryside or jungle, or in the ocean, snorkeling or diving. These tours will include nature reserves and unspoiled protected areas. Many will also offer eco-friendly accommodations.

Romantic JourneysEscaping with a lover or a partner may mean you are looking for a truly romantic experience. You may also be wanting a honeymoon vacation. These tours are designed for lovers –remote beaches, cozy hotels or chalets by the beach, and candle light dinners.




Porto de Galinhas

Pernambuco State

Northeast Brazil

All of Brazil



Less than R$250

Between R$250 & R$1000

More than R$1000


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