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Nightlife in Recife

June 18, 2009


In addition to the many Bars in Recife, most of which stay open to the last customer leaves, there are several clubs:


Downtown Pub Established in 1997, this venue has a mix of live cover bands and DJ´s with a British and Brazilian mix. Covers include those of bands such as U2, Coldplay and the Cranberry´s (better than you may imagine). This is a popular and less pretentious venue that some of the other options in Boa Viagem. Rua Vigário Tenório 105, Recife Antigo. (81) 3434 6317. Thurs-Sat 10.30-late; Sun-Wed closed.  Cover charge: R$15, women; R$20 men. MAP

metropoleMetropole This is one of the largest gay and lesbian dance clubs in Recife, but it is also popular with their liberal minded friends. The crowd is mixed in terms of ages and is predominantly middle and upper class. It is located in Boa Vista, an area of the city with several guy bars and clubs, but most others attract a different, less wealthy crowd. Rua das Ninfas 125, Boa Vista. (81) 3423 0123. Thurs-Sat 0pm-late. Sun-Wed closed. Cover charge: R$10-20. MAP

noxNOX Nox is one of the most modern and largest clubs in Recife playing a mix of the latest international sounds with DJ´s from Brazil and around the world. Upstairs, it has a very well designed lounge bar/chill out area and the main dance floor is downstairs. Drinks are not overpriced here. Beers are similar in price to the other bars around Boa Viagem. Aveneida Domingos Ferreira 2422, Boa Viagem (81) 3326 8836. Thurs-Sat 10.30pm-6am; Sun-Wed closed. Cover charge: R$15-20 women; R$20-30 men. MAP

uk-pubUK PUB As the cover charge would indicate, this is a spot for Recife´s middle class, wealthy or wannabes. Considered one of the best spots for live music by some. By the way, its nothing like a UK pub.  Rua Francisco da Cunha 165, Boa Viagem. (81) 3465 1088. Tues-Sun 6pm till late; Mon closedCover charge: R$12 for women and R$20 for men. MAP

manhattanManhattan A sophisticated American theme bar experience with live music performances that usually include American and Brazilian classics.  Rua Francisco da Cunha 881, Boa Viagem. (81) 3325 3372.  Wed-Sat 7pm-late; Sun 7pm-12pm; Mon & Tues closed. Cover charge: R$10-20. MAP


Cuba do Capibaribe At lunchtime a bar/restaurant serving mid-priced lunches (good if you can get a table near the window for a good view). At night, a lively bar and dance venue with live music and/or DJ´s. Shopping Paço Alfândega (1st floor), Recife Antigo. (81) 3419 7502. Mon-fri 12pm-5pm; Fri & Sat 12pm-late; Sun 12pm-11pm . MAP

Spirit This is a large patio like bar that serves a menu of food. Alongside is a more club-like space. The music is varied from rock and pop to Forró and DJ´s to live bands. It is an interesting place, but its location is not very convenient for tourists staying in Boa Viagem or Olinda (R$20-30 by taxi). Rua do Futuro 821, Jaqueira. (81) 3268 4080. Thurs-Sat 6pm to late; Sun-Wed closed. Cover charge: R$15-20 women; R$20-25 menMAP

jardinsJardins, Avenida Domingos Ferreira 2045, Boa Viagem (81) 3326 8080 6pm-5am thur-sat. R$25. A popular venue for live bans playing mostly regional or Brazilian music including popular Brazilian MPB and Forró and occasionally rock. A quite strange venue with the feel like a large hotel lobby. During the day this is a self-service restaraunt at lunchtime, which becomes a restaurant early evening and a club later on. MAP

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