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Luxury Restaurants in Recife

June 18, 2009

Restaurants in Recife have improved dramatically in the last decade as the middle class eat out more and more, and their numbers have grown as a result of a healthy economy. Greater choice has also meant greater competition, and restaurants at all levels have improved in quality. The number of luxury restaurants has exploded, and the quality of the best ones is as good as you can find in Sao Paulo, Rio or indeed any major city in the world. 


É (Brazilian / Modern) Established in 2004 this restaurant is owned an run by one of Brazil’s top chefs. Douglas Van de Ley is a genius in the kitchen, a really creative artist who mixes fine international ingredients with Brazilian flavours in exotic combinations that are exquisitely presented. If in London, for instance, he would have at least a 2 Michelin Star rating, if not 3, putting him among the top chefs in the world. The menu experimentale can be requested, and we highly recommend it if you want an evening of gastronomic extravagance. É is a restaurant we cannot recommend highly enough!  Rua do Atlântico 147, Boa Viagem.  (81) 325 9323.  Tues-Sun 8pm-1.30am; Mon closedR$80+  MAP

mingusMingus (International/French) . A sophisticated restaurant serving modern and elegant food with strong French influences. Often it features live jazz shows. Rua Atlântico 102, Boa Viagem. (81) 3465-4000. Tues-Fri 12am-3pm & 5.30pm-midnight; Sat 8pm-2am; Sun 12am-3pm.  R$60. MAP

ponte-novaPonte Nova (International / French) Surprising location (in a health club/gym) for a very modern restaurant that is considered one of the best in Recife. Rua Bruno Veloso 58, Academia R2, Boa Viagem. (81) 3327 7226. Mon-Fri 12am-3pm & 7.30pm-1am; Sat 7.30pm-1am; Sun closed. R$60. MAP

allureAllure (French)  Established in 2007, this is one of the newest fine restaurants in the city, and chef André Falcão is being acclaimed as the best new chef in town. It is a French restaurant but uses some typical local ingredients.  Rua Amazonas 40, Pina. (81) 3326 5436. Tues-Sat 7pm-12pm; Sun 12pm-5pm; Mon closed. R$60. MAP

chateau-brilliantChâteau Brillant (French) This is open for breakfast (café da manhã) daily as it is located inside MarOlinda Cult Hotel. Typical French dishes include magret de canard.  Rua Capitão Rebelinho 734, Pina. (81) 3325.0469. Tues-Sun 6am-3.30pm & 8pm-12pm; Mon 6am-3.30pm. R$60 .MAP

chez-georgeChez Georges (French / Regional) This restaurant is named after Georges Thévoz, whose restaurant in Olinda was popular for many year. Few local foodies go here, and it never seems busy.  It may be now over-priced and primarily serves Beach Class Hotel guests.  Avenida Boa Viagem 1906 (Inside Beach Class Apt Hotel) Boa Viagem. (81) 3326 1879. Daily 6am-10am, 12.30pm-3pm & 7pm-12pm. R$60.MAP

nezNez Vinhos E Gastronomia, (French) This restaurant is quite a long way from Boa Viagem but worth a visit if you are sightseeing in the area. The square in which it is located features an historic landscaped water garden by French architect Brule Marx and could be on your sightseeing list. The restaurant was opened in 2007 by a wine importer and distributor, so expect good wine and great food to match. Praça Casa Forte, 314, Casa Forte.  (81) 2441 7873. Tues-Sat 7pm-12pm; Sun 12pm-5pm.  R$60. MAP

 villaVilla Cozinha de Bistrô (French)  This restaurant is run by the same chef, Joça Pontes, of Ponte Nova, and of the creperias, La Plage. Rua da Hora 330, Espinheiro. (81) 3426 2902. Mon-Thurs 6pm-11.30pm; Fri-Sun12pm-3pm & 6pm-11.30pm.  R$60. MAP  

guilianho1Buongustaio Famiglia Giuliano (Italian) This rather grand looking restaurant is off my list after a very bad experience, something similar to an episode of Faulty Towers for those who know it. Low quality, high price and the service was a joke. MAP R$50. Avenida Domingos Ferreira 3990, Boa Viagem (81) 3465 9922. 7pm-12pm mon-thu, 12am-1am fri & Sat, 12am-5pm sun.

wiella-bistroWiella Bistrô (French) A well-established restaurant within a small shopping gallery at the Pina end of Boa Viagem. It got the thumbs up by Chef Douglas Van Der Lay in a interview for Recife Guide. Avenida Domingos Ferreira 1274, Boa Viagem. (81) 3463 3108.  Mon-Sat 12pm-12am midnight; Sun 5pm-12am midnight. R$60.  MAP

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  1. December 17, 2009 22:47

    Great site! Keep up the good work!

  2. paulbarnett permalink*
    December 19, 2009 18:02

    Thanks for your supportive comment.

    The good work in progress includes upgrades to the information, and presentation of it, on:

    Fernando de Noronha
    Porto de Galinhas

    The changes will be made in the order listed.

    Soon we will also be adding details of many more themed tours such as History and Culture tours focused on the history and influence of the sugar industry on Brazil´s cultural development, especially it´s afro-brazilian culture. Also: the Official Jewish tours, in association with the Oldest synagogue in the Americas; the Clarice Lispector tour (Brazil´s most important female writer of the 20th Cebtury), and the Mangue Beat Music Tour, telling the story of a music movement that changed the mood of the region and influenced that of the country.


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