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Luxury Accommodations in Porto de Galinhas

June 18, 2009
Nannai Beach Resort

Nannai Beach Resort

Luxury Accommodations in Porto de Galinhas are easy to find. Below you will find our listing.

Nannai Beach Resort This is a world-class beach resort, perhaps the most luxurious in Porto de Galinhas. It is very well designed, so even when busy it feels like a quiet luxury escape, an oasis. The bungalows are built on stilts over private pools and some look directly out onto the ocean. There is is also a main pool with sunken bar and a very nice restaurant. The accommodations range from a Luxury Apartment (R$695 per night, low season; R$895 per night, high season) to a Master Bungalow (R$2,135 a night, low season; R$2,392 a night, high season) In low season the minimum stay is 3 nights. In high season, it is 4 nights. The resort is located in Muro Alto, approximately 10mins by car from the center of Porto de Galinhas. Muro Alto, off the PE-09. (81) 3552-0100. From R$695 – R$2,392 excluding taxes + 10% approx.

Enotel Resort and Spa A large fully-integrated resort, spa and convention center 2.5Km from the center of Porto de Galinhas off the main entrance road. It offers 348 well decorated rooms of various sizes and grades. Several restaurants offer national and international cuisine. There are also several bars and sports facilities and, of course, the spa. The price includes the cost of all meals and use of most facilities. The minimum stay is 4 nights and, as usual, rates are not published on the website, but the cost of 4 nights in March 2009 for 2 people sharing works out at R$4,532 – 6,480 inc. taxes (depending on room type).  From R$1,133 – R$1,620 inc. taxes), Rodovia PE-09, (81) 3552 5555

Beach Class Resort Muro Alto  A mid-sized beach resort located away from the center of Porto de Galinhas (10 mins by car). It offers all the facilities you may expect of a high quality resort, with restaurant and bar options, including a pool-side bar. Accommodations includ several grades of suites or bungalows. The website offers an online booking option (not working when I tried) and an English option (also not working when I tried). (from R$ details to follow), Lote 5 Gleba Merepe, Muro Alto (off the road PE 09), (81) 3081-9300

Dorisol Ancorar Beach Hotel A large beach-side hotel that stretches between the main road into Porto de Galinhas and the beach which runs parallel. It has more the feel of a resort than a hotel, and all the facilities you would expect of such a place including restaurants, bars, and pools. It is located out of the center of the town (5 mins by car). This is another place where the English version of the site does not work and prices are not given, but the prices are likely to put it in the luxury price bracket. (from R$ details to follow), Rodovia PE9, Merepe II (81) 3552 3461

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