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Bars in Recife

June 18, 2009

Recife has a huge number of bars to choose from. The following listing those we recommend:

bar-da-praiaBar da Praia This a relatively new and impressive ocean front bar with a large terrace. It offers a large range of national and imported beers, spirits and cocktails, plus an extensive menu of food. At lunch from Tuesday to Friday a special Executive Menu includes dishes at modest prices (R$14.90 – R$22.90). Available 11.30am-3.30pm. Unlike other large bars it is not too noisy even when busy. Service can be pretty slow. Av. Boa Viagem, 760, Boa Viagem. (81) 3466.4429. Mon 5pm till late; Tues-Sun, 11.30am-late .

casa-moeda1Casa da Moeda This is a bar/restaurant run by local photographer and artist Sergio Altenkirch. It is an a great location with tables outside on the street. Inside is decorated with Sergio´s works, giving it a very bohemian feel. It attracts tourists because of its location, but is also very popular with a loyal clientele of local artists, writers, and journalists. This “alternative” crowd adds to the atmosphere.  The menu is international with some local influences, but is perhaps too ambitious given the size of the kitchen and the popularity of the bar, so service can be very slow, especially in the evening. It is a great place to drink and snack, also to enjoy the frequent live music performances which vary from jazz and blues to rock, with the occasional performance of Brazilian sounds such as Chorinho (the weeping guitar). Another feature of the bar is the variety of cachaça´s offered. This is the sugar cane spirit, the base of the national drink Caipirinha, which can be drunk on its own like whiskey. It is relatively cheap, and better quality labels are definitely worth a try, but cheaper brands are definitely good only with a mixer. Rua da Moeda 150, Recife Antigo. (81) 3224-6803. Mon-Sat 12am-late; Sun 6.30pm late . MAP website

birutaBiruta One of the few good bars located right on the beach in Pina at the far end of Aveneida Boa Viagem. A large open terrace overlooks the ocean for great views at night and especially on the night of a full moon. It also has a large selection of seafood dishes and snacks. Do not walk to or from here on foot. This is not a safe area after dark. A taxi is a must! Rua-Te-Vi 15, Brasília Teimosa, Pina. (81) 3326 5151. Daily 11am until the last client. MAP

botecoBoteco An institution in Recife. This is modeled on the style of an old bar (boteco) and is always popular. Like all bars, it is waiter service and the nibbles keep coming (priced per unit). You can get a Chopp (fantastic marketing scam where you get half a glass of beer and half a glass of foam, and apparently the taste is supposed to be better!) Better to ask for a bucket (balde) with 4 or 6 bottles of cerveja on ice. You can also get a good Caipirinha (Brazil´s national drink – crushed lemon on ice topped up with need sugar cane schnapps called cachaça). It is pretty powerful stuff, but very refreshing. There is a similar drink called Caipiroska (with vodka instead of Cachaça). You can try either with other fruits instead of lemon. The usual alternatives are Kiwi, Morango (strawberry) and Caja (Brazilian and really nice). Do not be tempted to take a walk on the beach or beachfront after about 10pm. The whole of Boa Viagem is a pretty dangerous area with opportunist thieves at this time of night. Aveneida Boa Viagem 1660 Boa Viagem. (81) 3325 1428. Mon-Thurs 5pm until the last client; Fri-Sun 12am – last client. MAP

boteco-maximeBoteco Maxime Similar to Boteco described above, and their latest addition to the chain. As it is relatively new, it is more popular with the younger fashionable crowd that follow the trends. This will last until the next new place opens, as is the way in Recife. Here there are also many more good food options with an emphasis on seafood and fish. All the other tips apply. Take a taxi there and back. This is not a safe area after dark. Aveneida Boa Viagem 21, Pina. (81) 3465 1491. Mon-Thurs 5pm until the last client; Fri-Sun 12am – last client. MAP

caldinho2Caldíssimo Grill. This bar is a lively place with good dishes, but famous for its caldinhos (small soups) so typical of the region. They come in many seafood, meat, bean and chicken flavors and are a great compliment to a good, cool beer. The quality of the caldinhos here have won it awards. Rua Visconde de Jequitinhonta 2237, Boa Viagem. (81) 3088 4842. Mon-Fri 5pm till late; Sat & Sun 11.30am till late. MAP

Ilha do Guaiamum A very popular covered patio bar named after the type of crab this bar is famous for serving in various sizes from pequeno (small) to gigante (gigantic). Rua Maria Carolina 68, Boa Viagem. (81) 3466 2122. Sun-Thurs 11am-2am; Fri & Sat 11am-4am MAP

caldinho-nenoBar do Neno An excellent and very popular neighbourhood bar serving traditional regional specialities, with live music on some nights. The only issue is its location, quite a hike from Boa Viagem.  Rua Padre Roma 722, Parnamirim. (81) 3441 4141. Daily 5pm till late. MAP

patio-de-sao-pedro5Buraco do Sargento Established in 1964 this bar is in one of the most interesting historic squares of the downtown area. Tables spill out into the cobblestone square which is dominated by the São Perdro church. The square is surrounded by bars that mostly serve traditional regional dishes and snacks for very good prices. This is a place that locals come to after work. It is not a regular tourist haunt. It is a lot less sophisticated, but more authentic and charming, than some large bars in the rich neighbourhoods, which can be relatively expensive and attract a much more pretentious crowd. Tourists are advised to take a taxi to and from here and preferably go with a local or a guide as this area is pretty easy to get lost in. Pátio de São Pedro 33, São José (Downtown). (81) 3224 7522. Mon-Sat 9.30am-12pm; Sun closedMAP

bar-central1Bar Central A small, friendly, professionally-run bar that attracts a loyal group of regulars that are described as the alternative crowd – musicians, artists, writers, poets. Also gay and lesbian friendly. One wall is decorated with a large areal map of Recife; others have old photographs. The juke box has a great selection of Brazilian and international music. The food is also good with a selection of Brazilian and international snacks and full dishes.  It is not easy to find, so getting there and back by taxi is advised, if you are not with a local.  Rua Mamede Simões 144, Boa Vista (Downtown). (81) 3222 7622. Mon-Fri 12am-2am; Sat 8pm-2am; Sun closed. MAP

Portal do Derby A large and very popular bar with a huge number of food options including snack, table service, self-service and sushi. Not a place for a romantic night out as a couple, but a good place to go for a night out with friends. Rua Clemente Pereira, Derby. (81) 2332 4572. Tues-Thurs 11am-3pm & 5.30pm-12pm; Fri & Sat 11am – 3pm & 5.30pm-1.30am; Sun 12am-4pm & 5.30-10pm. MAP

fiteiroFiteiro A typical neighborhood bar (boteco) in one of the wealthier areas of Recife. It has character, charm and good food. Almost always busy! The food is typical of the region and includes snacks. For most tourists, the downside is the distance from Boa Viagem. Rua Alfonso Celso 264, Tamarineira. (81) 3442 4799. Mon-Fri 4pm-late; Sat & Sun 11am-late . MAP

xxxxxxxxxxxEmpório Sertanejo A popular local bar attracting a very mixed crowd. Located in one of the most fashionable parts of Recife of late. Not too far from the areas most tourists might get to, and taxis nearby make it easy to get back to Boa Viagem or Olinda. Rua da Hora 34, Espinheiro. (81) 3083 2739. Tues-Sat 10am-3am; Sun & Mon closed MAP

Burburinho As other bars are closing this place is just getting start with plenty of drink, food and live music of samba, rock and Brazilian popular music. Rua Tomazina, 106, Recife Antigo. 3224-5854.

Guaiamum Gigante If you want these local crabs prepared in a variety of ways, this is the place to go for the quality of the crab. But you had better like large and noisy restaurants too, as this place when busy has a fish market-like noise level. It is also in a difficult location for tourists unless you are travelling by car or taxi (approx. R$30 each way from Boa Viagem or Olinda). Rua Doutor José de Góes, 299, Parnamirim. 3441-1509; Rua Artur Muniz, 82, térreo do Edifício Califórnia, Boa Viagem. 3327-1413.

Raval Bistro If you want a quiet evening with just you and someone else special, this is the place to go. Soft lighting, soft music (bossa nova or jazz) and excellent food make this the right choice. Rua do Cupim, 166, Graças. 3222-4677.

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