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Ground Transportation

May 22, 2009

Airport Taxis to Boa Viagem (where most hotels are locate) will cost approx R$15-20. If travelling to Olinda, it is probably advisable to get the place you are staying to arrange a transfer for you. The usual charge is R$25-30. Airport Taxi agents are located inside the airport and can advise you on price before you travel. Tipping a taxi driver is not necessary.

Airport Buses are not advisable if you have more than a very small amount of luggage. The small bus that enters the airport terminal has no space to store luggage and takes a very complicated and slow route from the airport to Boa Viagem then on to Pina, Recife Antigo and Boa Vista. The larger busses that go to a greater variety of detinations are a short walk from the airport, again not recommended unless you travel very lightly.  Buses to Porto de Galinhas leave from the old airport terminus (just to the right of the new one as you leave it). It is a standard public bus, with little space for luggage. They leave approximately every 30mins and the journey time is around 1hr 30mins at a cost of R$5.50 per person. In all cases taxis and other alternatives are a better option than buses .

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  1. Mimi permalink
    April 5, 2010 06:46

    Your recife site is really helpfull but one think I cannot find is wht time is the 1st bus from the center to the airport as I have to take a very early flight (5.20 AM)

  2. paulbarnett permalink*
    April 5, 2010 08:11


    I am not sure if you arlready know Recife, but assuming you don´I can tell you that the airport is very near Boa Viagem where most people stay if on vacation here. And it is not far from the city centre / downtown. From Boa Viagem to the airport by taxi is 10mins and around R$15, from the City Centre 15-20mins and R$25. At that hour of night, I would pre-book a taxi to be safe, you do not want to miss your flight. And book the taxi for 15mins before you really need it as they are not always punctual.

    I really would not risk the bus at that time they are very infrequent at that hour.



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