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Getting to Porto de Galinhas

February 4, 2009

It is possible to take a Day Tour to Porto de Galinhas. Recife Guide recommends the Day Tour to Porto de Galinhas Beach Hopping by Buggy or the Porto de Galinhas on a Budget Day tour.

If you prefer to travel to Porto de Galinhas on your own here are the options:

By Bus from Recife

The bus company Empresa Cruzeiro operates a bus connection between Recife and Olinda. It departs from Rua Aveneida Dantas Barreto in Downtown Recife every 30mins, at 15mins to and 15mins past the hour, between 5.45am and 21.45pm. For tourists staying in Boa Viagem the best place to catch the bus is in front of the old airport building (to the left of the new one). For pick ups at this stop, you should add an additional 15mins during off-peak periods and an extra 30mins during peak periods to the departure time in downtown Recife. The price is R$6.10 each way and the journey time is approximately 1hr 30mins. Buses from Porto de Galinhas to Recife run from 04.10am and 19.55pm from the same terminus at which you arrived.

Two busses each morning stop at Mouro Alto. They are the busses leaving Downtown Recife at 06.30am and 08.00am (so approx 06.45 or 08.15 from the old Recife airport).

It is a standard bus, not coach, with no air conditioning or toilet. The new airport nearby has bathrooms you can use before you start your journey, and you may want to take your own drinks with you.

The bus company phone numbers are 0800 081 2662 or (81) 2101 9000

At weekends the buses can be very busy on the way there, especially at holiday times. My suggestion would be to take an early bus unless you want to find yourself standing the whole journey.

By Car from Recife

Leaving Recife´s Airport, turn right on Marechal Mascarenhas de Morais Av. (two lane avenue) and follow a 4km stretch on it until a right turn on the the Federal road BR101 (the double-lane stretch).

Follow the Federal road BR101 (the double-lane stretch) and pay attention to the sign indicating “Praias” (“Beaches”) to get to the state road PE-60.

There are two possible entrances, see the map: the 1st about 2km after the beginning of the double lane and the 2nd after about 11km.

After choosing the 1st turn, follow a 7km stretch on a one-lane road until the left turn to PE-60 (double-lane road).

If you chose the 2nd turn, follow a 2km stretch on a one-lane road until your turn to the left in the direction of the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho. After 1km, it’s possible to turn to the right on PE-60 (double-lane road).

After about 18km on PE-60 it’s possible to turn left on the state road PE 38 to Porto de Galinhas. (There are road signs. Pay attention.)

9km more on PE 38, takes you to the district of Nossa Senhora do Ó. Continuing straight through the state road PE 09, 11km more, it gets to Porto de Galinhas.

By Car from Maceió

Take the AL101/AL465 roads running along the coast of Alagoas. In Pernambuco the road becomes the PE-60. Continue on this road for about 64km until you see the entrance for Porto on the right hand side. The town is then reached by following the PE038/PE09 as described in the “Directions to the Town” section.

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