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Porto de Galinhas Beach (63km South of Recife)

January 6, 2009

Natural reefs exposed at low tide

Porto de Galinhas beach & natural reefs exposed at low tide

Several Brazilian travel magazines have voted Porto de Galinhas as the most beautiful beach in Brazil.  The beach is about 18 km long, with tropical warm waters that are usually calm.  A trip on a jangada (flat bed boat) to the reef R$8 is highly recommended, and at the reef, you can snorkel and the fish will literally eat out of your hand.  feeding-fish

 You can also have lunch, but not on the beach itself. The further you go from the beach to find a restaurant, the better the quality is and the price.

The beach, however, is crowded, and there are far better options nearby. If you do decide to spend beach time, beware. First, ask if there are any minimum charges (especially if you just want drinks). If you negotiate upfront, there will be no minimum charge or a minimal one. If you don’t, they will point out the small print on the menu when you are finished. This unfortunately is the latest scam of the operators (mostly in Porto de Galinhas center). You should only have to pay for what you consume, not for the hire of chairs or umbrellas. The best way to negotiate is walk away if you are not happy with the price. They will usually call you back to strike a deal.

To avoid the hassle, it is better to take a buggy taxi to either Muro Alto, Maracaípe or other beaches nearby to avoid the hustle and bustle, (but always ask prices first). A little further north you will find Calheitas, and a little further south Serrambi or Carneiros.

Besides the beach is the town of Porto de Galinhas, where you can stroll around the shops.  It has expanded rapidly over the last decade, as a place for beach homes and with all the facilities to support people staying in the many nearby resorts and pousadas. It is a good place to stay, but it is better to use this as a base for take day trips from here to better locations nearby.

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