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Muro Alto (60km South of Recife)

January 6, 2009
Muro Alto Beach

Muro Alto Beach

Muro Alto (high wall) derives its name from the reef which creates a natural lagoon for perfect bathing in tropical warm waters. The beach is quite small, relatively unspoiled and rarely very busy.  Thus, it makes for a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Porto de Galinhas, especially in the busy months.

The water is not too deep, and it’s possible to walk out to the reef when the tide is at its lowest. The shallow warm water makes it a great place to bring children.

It is possible to make this a stop on a buggy tour from Porto de Galinhas, or to just get a buggy taxi here. Expect to pay around R$15-20 each way for the ride.

You can also get here by public transport (bus) from Recife. Not every bus stops here, but the timetable indicates which ones do. The fare from Recife is R$5.50 each way.

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